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Good day, dear gamers! We, at Unnyhog, must admit, 2016 has been an incredible for us. After spending 2 years on the development, we managed to launch UnnyWorld on mobile platforms for Malaysian market. It was a point where actually everything started for us, because, UnnyWorld stopped to be just a codebase and pile of...
Few of you might know what’s happening with Unnyhog and our current project – UnnyWorld. Today, we’re ready to share with you that after 2 years of development Unnyhog has raised $360k and now it’s participating in YC W16 acceleration program in Mountain View, CA. With a great support of our investors (Flat6Labs, TwoFour54, YC)...
Hi again! As you remember, September 26 is the birthday not for the one, but for two games. Our second (or the first at the same time) project is Watee – a puzzle game based on the physics of liquid and vapor. The task of the game is to pour water into the aquarium of...
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